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An online learning resource for parents and caregivers

Many parents, family members and others are caring for children and youth who are experiencing mild to moderate depression. WAY – Depression was developed to show caring adults that there are many practical things they can do on a daily basis to support their children and youth.

WAY – Depression is a self-paced, culturally and trauma-informed online learning resource designed to provide parents and others caring for a child or youth experiencing mild to moderate depression with practical and accessible information, tools and insights for use in daily life.

WAY – Depression aims to build their mental health literacy and capacity to support their children and youth. The resource encourages parents and caregivers to draw from their own cultural and family teachings and practices and to find the kinds of activities and approaches that will fit most naturally with their own family.

Included are videos with B.C. parents, youth, Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers, and others sharing their lived experience, along with learning activities and opportunities for reflection.


  •  Certificate of completion
  •  Practical and accessible tools

Course structure: 

WAY – Depression consists of six 20-minute sessions:

  • The Emotional Roots of Depression
  • Pathways to Emotional Well-Being
  • Melting Defences and Making Room for Emotions
  • Exploring Emotional Expression Rituals
  • Making Room for Sadness and Tears
  • Summary

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how holistic, traditional Indigenous perspectives and established, contemporary scientific knowledges can support practical, culturally safe ways of caring for youth with anxiety who are living in foster care and out-of-care arrangements
  • Use relationship and culturally affirming approaches to support youth experiencing anxiety
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of anxiety so caregivers, care providers and kin can respond with confidence and in ways that are relational and that support well-being

WAY – Depression FAQ:

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The WAY Depression online learning resource is designed for parents, family members
and other care providers who are supporting a child or youth experiencing mild to
moderate depression.

If WAY Depression is not showing up on your dashboard under “Registered Courses”, email

Pilot results indicated an average completion time of approximately two hours.

WAY Depression includes resources that are available for download throughout the online learning resource and as a package at the end.

Yes. Once you have completed the online learning resource, you will see a “Certificate” button. You can also go to your dashboard and click the certificate icon next to the course title.