Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators (EASE) K–7

A course for educators and school professionals:
Grades K–7

Anxiety is normal—we all experience it from time to time. But if anxiety is intense, out of proportion to the threat, or long-lasting, it can interfere with our well-being. It can also impact students’ ability to learn and their success in school. It’s important to teach students both coping skills and how to manage everyday anxiety. 

Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators (EASE) for grades K–7 is an online course and collection of evidence-informed, curriculum-aligned classroom resources that include strategies for students to help them cope with everyday anxiety, and that contribute to the mental health literacy of educators. The resources can be accessed on completing the course.

You will complete a series of interactive activities and create an action plan for using EASE strategies with your students. The activities are intended to help you further build a supportive learning environment for all students.


  • Resource package including 13 lesson plans for grades K–3 and 4–7
  • Aligned with B.C. curriculum 
  • Certificate of completion
  • Available in English and French

Course structure:

  • Introducing EASE
  • The Educator’s Role in Mental Health
  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Anxiety in the Classroom
  • Creating a Supportive Environment
  • Tying It All Together

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand anxiety and recognize it in your students and in yourself
  • Understand the difference between everyday and problem anxiety
  • Understand the psychological theory that informs the EASE classroom lessons and the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles on which they are based
  • Strengthen your mental health literacy

EASE K–7 aligns with the B.C. government’s ongoing commitment to provide promotion, prevention and early intervention resources for the mental health and well-being of children and youth, their families, and the educators who support them. This commitment is reflected in the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s strategic priorities, the provincial mental health and addictions strategy, A Pathway to Hope, and the Ministry of Education’s Mental Health in Schools Strategy. For more information and resources to support mental health and well-being in schools, please visit erase (Expect Respect and a Safe Education).


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B.C. educators and school-based professionals.

There are two courses available: one for grades K–7 and the other for grades 8–12. Both courses are also available in French: AISE m à 7 and AISE 8 à 12.

EASE K–7 will only show up on your dashboard under “Registered Courses” if you are eligible. Currently only B.C. educators are eligible to take EASE K–7. If you fall into this category but don’t see EASE K–7 on your dashboard, email OSBC.Online@gov.bc.ca.

The average completion time is approximately three hours; however, completion times may vary based on learning styles and degree of interaction.

EASE K–7 lesson plans are available for download at the end of the course.

Yes. Once you have completed the course, you will see a “Print Your Certificate” button. You can also go to your dashboard and click the certificate icon next to the course title.