Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators (EASE) is a collection of evidence-informed lessons for teaching K–7 students effective anxiety management skills. EASE:

  • was developed in B.C.
  • supports the goals of B.C.’s mental health strategy, A Pathway to Hope
  • aligns with B.C.’s curriculum

The EASE lessons are designed to fit into existing school routines and practices—and to benefit all children. And while they are written for classroom teachers, they can be adapted for use by school counsellors, administrators and support staff.

EASE was developed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development in collaboration with Anxiety Canada and has been used in classrooms across the province since 2019.

The EASE classroom lessons are available at no cost to educators in B.C. who complete approximately three hours of online learning.

EASE was developed for use in grades K – 7 but can be modified for other age groups. EASE teaches students strategies for coping with anxiety and supports the learning and mental health literacy of educators. Access to EASE lessons will be available upon completion of EASE Online.

EASE Online will help you:

  • understand anxiety and recognize it both in your students and in yourself
  • understand the psychological theory that informs the EASE lessons and the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles on which they are based
  • improve your mental health literacy
  • communicate more effectively with parents, caregivers, family members and Elders about anxiety

Several of the EASE classroom lessons have also been adapted for use by parents and caregivers to use with children at home. You do not need to take the EASE Online course to access EASE at Home.

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