EASE 8–12

The Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators (EASE) online course and classroom resources for grades 8–12 are available at no cost for B.C. educators.

The EASE 8–12 course will take approximately three hours to complete and includes six sections:

  1. Introducing EASE 8–12
  2. Supporting Mental Health in Schools
  3. Understanding Anxiety
  4. Anxiety in the Classroom
  5. More Classroom Strategies
  6. Putting It All Together

You’ll complete interactive activities, learn from B.C. educators and students about their experiences with anxiety, and learn ways to incorporate EASE strategies with your students or in your classroom. The resources and activities are intended to help you further build a supportive learning environment for all students.

The EASE 8–12 course will help you:

  • understand anxiety and recognize it both in your students and in yourself
  • understand the difference between everyday and problem anxiety
  • understand the psychological theory that informs EASE and the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles on which EASE is based
  • strengthen your mental health literacy
EASE Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators
image depicting an iceberg with behaviors at the surface and thoughts and feelings just underneath the surface of the water

By completing EASE 8–12, you’ll receive practical, flexible, curriculum-aligned, evidence-supported information and strategies to better equip you to support everyday (mild to moderate) anxiety in your grades 8–12 classrooms, and a certificate of completion. 

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