Welcome to the EASEY Course for Early Years Professionals. What is EASEY?

EASEY stands for Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Early Years.

Anxiety exists on a continuum. Mild to moderate ‘everyday’ anxiety is common and even important for children to experience in the early years, while problematic levels of anxiety and disorders benefit from more targeted intervention or treatment. EASEY focuses on the milder end of the continuum:

  • Prevention through supportive and nurturing environments and positive coping skills for all children, to help build up internal capacities and protective factors, as well as
  • Early intervention strategies that can provide some extra support for children who are currently experiencing mild to moderate anxiety challenges.

While all children benefit from safe and nurturing environments, some children may require extra support and encouragement to cope with stress and anxiety. This support may extend outside a care or educational setting to many more contexts of a child’s world, such as family and parent support, drawing on cultural teachings and wisdom, or accessing resources within the larger community.

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