Session 5 Summary


experiences that fuel anxiety

Reducing Experiences That Fuel Anxiety

Session 5 focused on reducing the experiences that lead to anxiety in youth—in particular, too much separation, too much peer attachment, too much social media, too much screen time, and not enough time with adults who honour who a youth is and take time to nourish the relationship. 

All forms of separation are stressful for youth in care, including separation from family and community, and the psychological separation experienced if a youth perceives that a caregiver is consistently turning away from them and their needs. 

The session provided examples of how to reduce stress, including:

The session highlighted the importance of replacing stress-inducing situations with fun, relational family rituals and ongoing connections with loved ones. The session concluded with Indigenous perspectives on how to take care of body, mind, and spirit.

'It's your path but you don't have to walk it alone.'

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