Session 4 Summary


youth with anxiety through relationship

Nourishing Youth with Anxiety Through Relationship

Session 4 described nourishing relationship as an effective way to address and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. The session built on Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s map of relational needs, and presented traditional perspectives and culturally safe, trauma-informed ways of nourishing the relationship between you and the youth in your care, including through physical closeness, sameness, belonging and loyalty, significance, love, and being known and understood. Ways of nourishing a youth may include creating relationship rituals around food, games and nature, as well as supporting connections with family members, Elders and cultural activities. The process of honouring will inform your approach to nourishing the youth in your care. 

Session 4 also provided Indigenous perspectives on grounding one’s self through connection to nature and the spiritual world, and the importance of cultural continuity, and relationship to land, kin and community.

'It's your path but you don't have to walk it alone.'

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